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Bonsai nursery and environs

Posted in Excursions by Jonas Dupuich on October 19, 2012

Bonsai nurseries are rarely found in high-rent districts. Many are isolated blocks within residential neighborhoods or semi-rural areas, especially those with agricultural activity nearby. Ishii’s nursery is in the latter category. While there are plenty of nice houses in the area, there’s plenty of farmland too. And great vegetable gardens! Here are some more trees from Ishii’s nursery and a view of his neighborhood.


Wonderful Stewartia

Root base

Root base – the knuckles are a sign of age

Using twine to lower branches

Chinese Quince

If you’ve ever tried to wire Chinese quince, you’re familiar with how easy it is to snap branches. The alternative? Pulling the branches with twine. After creating bends with initial wiring, future maintenance can be simplified by tying branches down. Note how the twine was spread out (widened) at the base of the branch below to slow the rate at which it cuts in.

Twine widened at the anchor point to diminish cutting in

Plastic twine

Using twine to lower branches

Side view

Chinese quince

Another large quince

Chinese quince

And another

Quince root base with root grafts

Root grafts at base of trunk

Quince fruit

Quince fruit – they naturally look like the fruit was just smashed onto the end of the branch

Small ume

Little ume

Kumo - spider

Kumo, Japanese for spider – these large and colorful creatures were everywhere!



The neighborhood


The neighborhood

Vegetable garden

The neighborhood

Yum – cabbage, spinach, daikon!

The neighborhood

Rice and greenhouses

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  1. mameandshohinbonsaipots said, on October 19, 2012 at 7:11 am

    Nice post. I feel like I have been on a little site seeing trip. I’m a grower at a wholesale tree & shrub nursery in Ontario Canada. Around 1000 acres of containers & field grown plant material. Imagine what a nursey in Japan that size would be worth.

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